Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pizza & Beer? Yes Please

If you haven't heard of Liquid Ice Energy Drink, you are in for a surprise. This New York based energy drink company is privately owned and been around for over a decade. They launched their Orange flavor at NCB, and it's now definitely my favorite energy drink. Make sure you check them out and ask for it by name!
The Nightclub & Bar Show Conference Program is where you’ll find best in bar and nightclub management techniques along with new and innovative ideas to jump start your business. Its the nation’s largest and most comprehensive educational program that brings together thousands of hospitality professionals all under one roof. The Nightclub & Bar Show addresses ALL areas that affect your bottom line, not to mention how fun the show is. Not only do you get to taste some of the best up and coming beverages, but you also get to network and attend all the hottest night club parties on the Las Vegas Strip.
Dale Energy Drink Dále is a lot more than an energy drink. It's a reflection of our ENERGY, our FLAVORS, our CULTURE and the PRIDE of our ROOTS.

Premiere Jalapeno Wines is a family owned Boise Idaho based wine company. I was skeptical at first,
but when I tried it, I was pretty impressed with the taste. It definitely had the spicy kick to it, and actually a nice surprise to my taste bud. Check them out at Jalapeno Wines.
NCB Show is the best trade show to go to for anyone who owns a bar or is in the nightclub and bar business. Love these SECCO wine bottles and packaging...and how about Rock 'N Roll in your energy drink? They claim to be the 1st energy drink ever to be approved in the Jersey school system. No sugar, no caffeine, no sodium, no artificial flavors, no nothing....I'm sure the kids will love it?

LUDLOWS COCKTAIL CO reinvented the Jello Shot. Typically made with artificially colored and flavored Jello and the cheapest booze possible, they decided to make one worthy for adults. Crafted with real juices and high quality spirits, Ludlows Jelly Shots are portable cocktails with a 30-proof punch.

Momenti spirited ice creams and sorbets are made with organic and natural ingredients, and infused with top-shelf liquors. We pride ourselves on our obsession with procuring the finest ingredients and hand-craft our spirited ice creams in small batches, ensuring the best flavor possible. Pictured here is Chef Pearson himself. I can assure you, this ice cream is amazingly delicious!

Pictured on the left is Ron White, Founder of Number Juan Tequila.
On the right is part of the team of Unique Energy Drink. They claim to be the Prada of energy drinks.
Flavor is pretty nice and it has a unique blend of Exotic Red Reishi Mushroom Extract, Green Tea, and B-Complex Vitamins.


Top 3 Best Booth Experiences at NCB Show: Miller Coors, Ciroc and Liquid Ice Energy Drink. They all had the right elements. It's important to stay true to your brand, and all 3 did that. What you see on TV and at the trade show level was very consistent to their image. There were plenty of samplings going on, and engagement between booth staff and attendees were continuous and fun. They made sure everyone had a taste of the latest and greatest flavor. Miller Coors actually took names for potential distribution leads. All had a fun environment especially Liquid Ice with their DJ.
These characters are cool to take pictures with,
but I wasn't sure how they connect to the brand.
International Pizza Expo® The Largest Pizza Show in the World. THE Trade Show for the Pizza Industry. Attendees include pizzeria or pizza-concept restaurant owners, operators and managers, as well as distributors and food brokers.
La Nova specializes in pizza and wings. Best sauces hands down. I had samples of their wings and could not stop eating. So delicious!! 

Of course PEPSICO sampling new flavors.
Alive & Kickin' Pizza Crust
Tyson Foods


TO GO SPA - Instant relief for tired, dry, and aging eyes. A Must Have!!
One of THE busiest booths on the show floor. I think they could use my help
with the display though. :) Pictured below, Mom (CoFounder & Son).

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Written by:  Li Jackson
Produced by: Terence Barclay