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The National Association of Broadcasters is the voice for the nation's radio and television broadcasters. As the premier trade association for broadcasters, NAB advances the interests of our members in federal government, industry and public affairs; improves the quality and profitability of broadcasting; encourages content and technology innovation; and spotlights the important and unique ways stations serve their communities. There was so much to see in 4 days, and I couldn't highlight everything I saw even if I tried. NAB took up all of the LVCC North, Central and South Halls. 

Cannon's 8K theatre demo. Simply amazing. The clarity is ridiculous!
Not sure how long this will be in our personal homes
especially since the 4K is still working its way into more homes near you.

There were several companies that really caught my eyes on the show floor. When it comes to experience and branding, I think the few that I have highlighted here are the best of the best. Avid Everywhere was the anchor exhibit at the entrance of the upstairs South Hall. They were always busy. I thought they did a great job bringing on panel guests each day and broadcasting them for all to see. Their guests included the Executive Producers of The Voice, that drew an impressive amount of crowd daily. They also had greeters who did a good job observing any attendees that stopped by, and made sure they scanned every one's badges.
My only complaint for the Avid exhibit is the crowd that it drew. They kept blocking the entrance
and the aisle traffic flow. It was very hard to maneuver around the booth, much less to see who I would need to talk to once I got inside the exhibit. I think maybe they should plan the traffic and sales flow a little better.

GoPro does a good job with creating the GoPro experience. They're always drawing a crowd with the prized drawings and give away. I love the large screens and the exhibit feels like a GoPro camera.

Sony had the same large presence as they did during CES 2016. I loved the big screen at the front entrance of the exhibit, it definitely drew a crowd of passersby and gave you the movie experience. Sony introduced quite a few 4K cameras, click on their Hot and New Product line up and learn more about them.

JVC Kenwood had a large presence in the Central Hall, but I felt that it lacked excitement and energy. I never saw a lot of people in the exhibit. I liked the lighting they had in the exhibit, and how they created a studio experience was nice, but it lacked that umph. To find out more about their products, click here JVC Kenwood.

I never heard of Vimond until NAB 2016. Their booth caught my eye. Looked like a young, stylish, innovative company. Whoever designed their exhibit spoke to the brand properly. I liked how they had little seated vignettes for meetings and demos, very intimate. Vimond's slogan is "We are passionate about everything we do. News. Sports. Live. Capture the Moment and Share it with your Viewers." Find out more about Vimond's Online Video Platform.
Red must be the hot color. I saw quite a few RED exhibits, you can't miss them. In a sea of blue exhibits RED definitely stood out. Check out the 3 exhibits featured here: DELUXE, RIEDEL and KILLERTRACKS.
DELUXE had a fun busy exhibit. Deluxe MediaCloud has received a big industry honor—a Game Changer Award from IABM in the category of Services. They offer clients powerful solutions and streamlined processes to reach and engage new audiences and open additional sources of revenue. Even though they were in an awkward spot on the show floor, they drew a crowd every day.
RIEDEL is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cutting edge products for high-bandwidth signal distribution, communications, and data transport. I thought they had an interesting looking exhibit, definitely very European. The fact that they are a German based company, makes sense. The booth is a little cold, but it will catch your eye.

Killer Tracks is a company that produces and licenses production music for use in film, television, advertising and interactive media. They had a lot going on in the booth. The hanging banner above looked like a flying saucer, and the booth looked equally busy with people. I liked that they had listening stations, it was fun to demo.

Ooyala is a venture-backed, privately held company that provides online video technology products and services. Their slogan is "The Intelligent Cloud-Based Platform for your Video Business."  They were located outside with the Food Trucks. I think that was a gamble for them. The exhibit was very nice, looked like a home and you definitely get the privacy when holding a meeting.  However, I think they missed out on the interior trade show floor traffic. Maybe that was the intention, but they looked a 'bit lonely outside.

Looks like the Drone section has grown. I'm seeing about 10-15% of the exhibitors were about Drones. I had a chance to speak with AUTEL ROBOTICS and YUNEEC. Both featured the Camera Drones. It's always fun to watch the Drones demonstrations. Autel Robotics focus on transforming complex technology into simple solutions, creating easy-to-use aerial devices for photography/filming and imaging. From Fire and Rescue to the Coast Guard and Law Enforcement, YUNEEC believes a view from above will help first responders overcome obstacles, and make us safer.
Other than GoPRO, I think ATOMOS wins 1 of the best booth experiences at NAB 2016. They had Rock Climbers, Pretty Models, a Walk Through Dome where you can experience a live studio photo or video shoot featuring a gorgeous model and Harley, and when you're done, you can take pictures or videos with VIMEO who is a partner exhibitor in their space.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Matthias Krebs, 1 of 3 Founders of Skye. AEROTAIN's Skye, a Switzerland company, is the Bentley of aerial platforms, offering new horizons in aerial entertainment. Lifted by helium and powered by electrical motors which are merely used for movements, Skye is like an eye in the sky: It can perform any translation while having any orientation. Thanks to this patented technology, astonishing movements such as a rolling football can be flown. After 3 years in the market, Matthias believes that this is the answer to filming live events....forget about the Goodyear Blimp!!

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Written by:  Li Jackson
Produced by: Terence Barclay